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Yr Eglwys yng Nghymru

Esgobaeth Tyddewi

The Church in Wales

Diocese of St Davids 


News Release
Have Your Say In the Future of the Church - Archbishop

Parishioners across Wales are being invited to share their ideas for the future of the church in Wales with a team of advisers who are conducting an independent root and branch review.


A series of open meeting is being held in all the six dioceses of Wales over the next few months to give people the chance to meet the review team and have their say on a wide range of issues – from funding church buildings to reorganising structures.


The review was commissioned by the Church earlier this year with the aim of addressing fundamental questions about its role and structures as it approaches its centenary in 2020.  It is made up of three independent consultants who will report back next year.


At the opening meetings parishioners will be asked what aspect of both their diocese and the Church they feel most positive abut and what changes they would like to see to make its ministry more effective.  They will also be asked how they would address challenges such as the predicted fall in clergy numbers and financial resources.


Bishops and senior staff will meet the review group separately and will not be present at the open meetings.


The Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, urged people to attend the meetings.  He said “This is your chance to help shape the Church of the future and ensure it is fit for purpose for generations to come.


We want everyone to be involved in this review and were will all have to be prepared to take seriously its findings and to be open to the possibility of significant change in our structures, ministry, use of buildings and other resources if it is seen to be in the best interests of the church and its mission to the people and communities of Wales.”


People can also take part in the review by sending written observations to the Chair of the Working Group at the following address by 12th January:  Lord Harries of Pentregarth, The House of Lords, London SW1A 0PW


September 2012


A Strategy for Growth

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A Strategy for Growth - Responses received

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